Want to make some extra money by writing reviews?

Are you a good writer and want to make some extra money with it? Well here's a great opportunity for you to do it! Simply just help us review some tech products! Everyone's got technology at home! You can technically review anything about technology! From software's to hardware's, there is a wide range of things you can choose to review. You can review your TV, your computer hardware, your computer games, literally anything you think of! 

What we are looking for?

We are looking for someone who could do quality reviews for us! We are looking for above 500 word reviews. If you want a higher chance of having your article approved, you should ALWAYS look out for your grammar and spelling. Don't forget to proofread your article before doing sending it to us!  

How much do we pay?

This question really depends on the quality of your article. If your article is poor, we will not approve it therefore you will have to edit it to make it better. We payout around 20c to $1.50 for each review depending on quality.


It is always very important that you maintain a good quality article. Look out for grammar, spelling mistakes and all the minor things you should look out for in an essay

Word count

Remember that the minimum requirement for his is 500 words. If it is below 500 words it will be deleted right away. 

How do we pay?

We will only pay you through paypal. you are required to give us your paypal email to receive payment. Other payout methods are not accepted.

When can i start earning?

Simply fill out the form, write a 200 word review about our website and wait for us to approve! It will take 1-3 business days for us to approve your review! Remember to write a good quality one!

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