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2016 12" MacBook in 2020? How's it doing?

Updated: Mar 7

I was required to chose a laptop when I went to school. I was allowed any laptop I want since we really just use to web browser. So the night before I bought this laptop, me and my dad had a hard time deciding which laptop to buy. We also had a choice to use Mac or Windows. Back then I wasn't too familiar with Windows, so I decided to go with Mac. It's only been a few months since I got this MacBook when it got released. But because I often had a lof of homework, my bag would be very heavy. So we decided to go with this super thin MacBook.

It's now been a couple years now from when I brought it. I use a different laptop now but I would often use my MacBook when I travel. I didn't update it to the latest version yet. I am currently using Mac OS Mojave on it. It seems to run completely fine. I actually find this better then my laptop when watching videos and browsing the internet since it's display is sharper. I also have bootcamp installed on it so I could use Windows. It's actually doing pretty well! It runs really smoothly. Sometimes I play games like CSGO on it. I find that CSGO runs better on the Mac side but I'm still not too sure why that is. The only thing I find that's not too good about it is the login screen. It often lags a lot but it isn't really a problem for me because after logging in the computer will run completely fine. At the end of the day, I would give this MacBook a review of 8/10.

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