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Arlo Pro review (1st Gen)

Updated: Mar 7

So when I've arrived in Australia at first, my mum have worried about security, so me and my dad made sure we found the best security cameras for our house. A friend if my dad have recommended the Arlo Pro camera so we decided to buy it.

So far the cameras are still working completely fine. I've even once accidentally dropped it down the stairs and somehow it's still working :). So how good is the camera? The camera quality is 720p. You can see things pretty clearly, but I wouldn't say it's super clear. It would do great if you are using it as a surveillance camera. If you are using it as a camera so you could watch your dog or child, I wouldn't really recommend this camera. The bad thing about this camera is it's time lag. I've tested the time lag and it takes a couple seconds for you to see what is live. The sound on it is pretty good. It can pick up sound pretty well. If you want to use the camera to talk to someone, it would do the job, but don't put it too far away. The speakers aren't too loud. The reason why this camera would do great is because you can arm the camera in different ways. The way I arm it most is that if it detects motion, it will send me a notification. you can adjust how sensitive the motion detection is. I find 50% the best since it could detect a human walking past but not something like a fly flying past. If it is too windy it will also detect motion, which is bad if you decide to arm the alarm too. The alarm is really loud. It goes up to a 100 decibels. It would definitely be loud enough for your neighbors to hear it. One of the best function of the camera is that you can link it to IFTTT. This is very useful if you have smart gadgets at home. You can design your program in any way. In conclusion, I would say this is a great surveillance camera but I wouldn't recommend using it as a camera to keep track of what's happening in the house.

My rating: 7/10

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