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Best type of games to play in 2020

(Keep in mind this is all my opinion)

Gamers all have different types of games they like to play, and what they enjoy, so in this, I'll try to cover as many different kinds of games as possible. Gaming started in 1958, and since then, games have split into multiple categories such as First-person shooters, third-person shooters, battle royal, free roamers, etc.

Survival Games:

These games are all about survival. Starting on an island with almost nothing and you need to get better equipment, things are never too easy. The game follows your made character that needs to defend his homeland and, on the way, collect guns and new abilities. The best games in this category would be the Destiny series. They follow a guardian trying to protect his planet with the light and guns against invading races previously unknown to them. Next ark survival, the game has multiple tamable animals, maps, and tools that help you advance in the game. It can be played locally, online, split-screen(if on console), and single player. And best for last Minecraft, we should all know about this game by now, the game's aims are to mine resources and craft into equipment to mine better equipment

Free Roam Games:

These games are similar to survival, but you wouldn't need to care much about keeping yourself alive. This category is one of the most popular with games like the FarCry series, just cause series and Witcher series, all these games are set in a large map with quests and side quests along the way with your character advancing in-game with every complete journey. The best game I prefer in this category is assassins creed. This long-lasting saga of games has a fair amount of the gaming community interested in its long interesting storyline, players love the game and the mechanics of it, with the ability to climb up walls and complete parkour that you didn't think was possible. The next game I recommend is Grand Theft Auto, this game series has been around for a while and advanced with every game. Almost the whole gaming community could say they have played this game since it is so popular. Finally, the Fallout series. The series all follow the same story really, with a nuclear war ending in the world dying while the atomic radiation creates creatures that are hunting you down

First Person Shooters

As the name suggests, these games are set in the first person and usually include guns and other weapons. The Call Of Duty series remains one of the most popular in its category. With so many great games released, these games don't typically include a story, but there is one aim, to win or to be the best, or to be last surviving with the battle royals. The best games in this category would have to be Black ops 2, a game we all grew up playing and has multiple different ways of playing, with a campaign, zombie mode for survival, local, split-screen and online, witch balanced weapons and range or different guns. Then Rainbow Six Siege, it's a game where you chose your character, load out, and spawning point. You then take turns attacking or defending an objective. The objectives are to disable or protect the bomb, protect or secure the area, protect or secure the hostage. Lastly, Counter Stike global Offensive, commonly known as CS:GO is a game where you can purchase a weapon during the round, and for every kill and rounds survived, you earn money. There are two bomb spots where the defenders protect, and their goal is to kill all the attackers or let the timer run out, while the attacking team has one person with a bomb, that person goal is to plant the bomb in a bomb spot and not let the defenders defuse the bomb.

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