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Don't Buy Airpods Without Reading This

Updated: Mar 6

There is so much hype around AirPods ever since the originals were released which caused few people to question the functionality and design of the favorited true-wireless earphones. It's true, from an overall functionality point of view AirPods are the way to go, especially if you have an ios device(s). However, when explored deeper we can find out the reason why Apple's new, AirPod Pros switched their design to the standard true-wireless earphone design and why they far exceed the limits set by the originals in the long run.

Whilst it's true that the Original AirPods do have a very balanced sound the best Bluetooth chip available and don't look too shabby either, their major flaw lies within there design. Unlike most wireless headphones the AirPods don't have the mesh earpiece that creates a more comfortable fit that is possed by many other models, including Apple's new AirPod Pros. This was a rather controversial decision as the one size fits all approach has provided its challenges in the past. Regardless people were able to move past this fact and it was quickly forgotten. However, comfort wasn't the only aspect lost in the change; earwax that builds up in the headphone of time of usage, if not cleaned regularly, can become a problem for the speaker. Unlike headphones with the mesh, earwax on AirPod goes straight into the speaker, needless to say, the most important part of the earphones; and once gathered in substantial amounts, the earwax can have serious effects on sound quality and volume. A problem that I experienced first hand.

The amount of which this flaw affected my Airpod experience was seriously starting to get on my nerves so I had to look up a solution. To my surprise, this was a very common problem and there was plenty of helpful information to overcome this problem. However, the solution that I came across was not to my prior expectations and most certainly unappetizing. I discovered that to overcome this I would have to suck on the earphone to dislodge the wax embedded in the speaker. The headphones were too expensive to give up so I did as advised and it worked like a charm. My AirPods were back to normal!

Whilst it is good that such a major flaw like this has a solution, a solution such as this one is quite honestly disgraceful. As a result of this, my impression of the great AirPods has severely deviated, I can't overlook something such a this even if Apple has changed this problem with the new AirPods. Therefore I am sorry to advise you that I can't give you a straight answer on whether buying AirPods are worth it on not as the first and second generations of AirPods have the previously mentions flaw, and the new AirPods Pros and decidedly more expensive than the originals. Even though this may be an unpopular opinion, I would advise you to perhaps look at other brands if you are interested in truly wireless headphones.

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