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Google Home Mini compared to other smart devices? 

Updated: Mar 8

Whilst commonly overlooked because of its innocent size compared to the other models, the Google Home Mini is probably the best well rounded Google device available on the market. Unlike the other Google home devices, the Google Home Mini has a reasonable price and is a good, reliable option. The Google Home Mini includes all the functions you have on other Google Home products (such as setting alarms, listening to music, getting the weather and news, etc) just with a downgraded speaker and without a screen, unlike the Google Nest Hub. Obviously the downgraded speaker may act as a red light in buying this product, but I can assure you it’s full confidence that depending on the location that you were intending to put the device, the downgraded speaker doesn’t affect anything.

Obviously if placed in the living room where you are going to be consistently listening to music and using the Google to its fullest capabilities regularly, you would prefer a beefier speaker to handle the task to a higher standard. However, I would argue that this model is best suited in a bedroom or a small room where the speaker will not affect your experience much. In a room such as a bedroom, you can use the Google as an alarm clock, (you can even wake up to your favourite songs) listen to music through it, find out the weather and so on. The app is set up in very user-friendly experience. It suits the environment exceptionally. Therefore I would say in this circumstance the Google Home Mini is very good and if you are looking for a device that could do all this without breaking the bank, it is a very reliable option to replace the other Google Home devices.

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