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Google Home vs Google Home Hub? Which is better?

Updated: Mar 7

When the google home just got released, I was really excited to get it. And now I have my hands on both the google home and google home hub. I find both of them a great device since I use one in my living room and I use one in my own room. My mum usually use the Google Home in the living room since she could use it to control the lights, listen to the news, play music and so on. I use the google home hub in my room mainly as a photo display and alarm. But if you were going to get one, which one should you get? Here's my opinion.

Google home:

The google home would be great for listening to music, controlling your smart devices, listening to the news and so on. I usually spend my time in my room when I am not eating or talking to my parents about my day. I also don't use the google home as much since my mum spends almost her whole day at home. Since my dad works in a different place, she is often really bored at home. She likes listening to the Cantonese radio where you can stream it from the google home. Over wise she will be listening to music. If you like listening to Chinese or Cantonese songs it will be hard for the google assistant to pick up the name of the song (usually takes a few tries). It is just a great device to use if you are bored at home yourself.

Google home hub:

I spend more time at home with my google home hub then my google home. It is just such a great device to use. That applies even when I am not using it since I can display my photos. I usually mark down my homework on google calendar so I could see it on my google home hub. Other times I use it to listen to music, radio or even sometimes YouTube. (Yes, you can watch YouTube on the google home hub but you won't be able to search for videos. You can only watch videos on your recommended.) My Mum have recently took the google home hub for a few days to see if it is better then the google home. She preferred it more because there is a screen where she could actually use it to watch the news. So at the end of the day, which one is better?

My verdict:

If it was up to me, I would definitely go for the google home hub. It just comes with so much more utility. I also find that it can pick up sound better so it is more responsive. When I was eating dinner I called google (Google Home not google home hub) to play a song while I was about 3 meters away from it. It might be because my brother was talking to my mum but I called "Hey google" a couple times until it actually responded. I find the google home hub just so much more fun to play with! When I am home alone, I usually stay in my room and keep the living room camera displaying on the google home hub so I feel safe. The Google Home isn't too worth it anyways. With $50 more you can get the google home hub which bring so much more utility to it. At the end of the day, me and my mum will choose the Google Home Hub.

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