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Review: Antec Mercury 120 RGB AIO cooler

Updated: Mar 7

I've been using the Antec Mer

cry 120 AIO cooler since I've built my PC. I find it a great AIO cooler. It looks good, efficient and cheap. Here is a detailed review about

this cooler.

Look: 10/10

I've always asked my friends that don't have a PC if they would care about the look of their PC. Quite a lot of them said yes. I mean, who wants a PC that looks dark and ugly? When I first built my PC, I had no knowledge about computer. My friend chose all my computer parts. I told him that one of the main things I want about this PC is the look of it. It's just something good to flex on :) . So after

a walk around the computer market, we decided to buy the Antec mercury 120 AIO cooler. When we were done building the PC, we were surprised by how beautiful my computer looked! There are a lot of different colors and modes you can chose from this amazing AIO cooler. I love how the fan and the co

oler is in sync. You can choose it to flash just one color or alternate between all different types of colors (And also a lot of other modes to choose from). There are a lot of cheap AIO coolers now out there in the market. I've done some research and you can find ones that are around $30 cheaper. But all the cheaper ones lack the look of it. If you are looking for a AIO cooler that is cheap, good looking and efficient, this is your best choice.

Performance: 9/10

This AIO cooler is just too good. It does a great job of keeping the CPU cool. I usually overclock my PC just for fun to see what is the max it could do. I've even increased the voltage on it. It is just great. I've set my Ryzen 3 1300x at around 4ghz and it could still maintain around 40-50 degrees temperature! Of course since it's only got a 120mm radiator, it wouldn't perform as well as the AIO coolers with 240mm radiator. You can find cheaper AIO coolers with 240mm radiators but they definitely won't look as good as this. This cooler is also very quiet. If you turn off all your case fans you will barely hear the fan running. You can also control the fan speed through the controller where you can adjust the speed of the fan and the lightnings.


In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this AIO cooler. Out of all the PC's I've built, this is the best looking one and also the most efficient one. It is just perfect. The only thing that I find it lack of is that the radiator is still aluminum. It is not too good because it won't last as long compared to the copper ones. Most copper ones are pretty pricey though. But if you are looking for one that is cheap, good looking and efficient, then you have to go with this.

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