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Review: Evopolar Evachill air cooler

Updated: Mar 7

It's recently been pretty hot in Australia. It's hard to sleep at night without any air-conditioning. So when I visited Hong Kong I saw this product which is known to be as a mini air cooler. I found it interesting on how it works. So there is a thing that's like a sponge in it that absorbs the water, then there's a fan at the back that blows air through it which makes the air cool down. I have been using it for a couple times during the hot days. Instead of turning the air-conditioner on, I used the Evopolar Evachill. I usually use it at night when I sleep since that's when I need it the most. I found the machine pretty effective for close range and it does the job of keeping you cool. Compared to just a normal fan, it is cooler and more silent but it lacks of range. It is silent when you turn it at level 1 and 2 but when you get to level 3 or above it starts to get loud. I put it around 1 meter away from my bed when I sleep and turn it on level 2. It keeps you cool during the hot night. There is a blue light where you can turn it on or off by simply holding the power button. The next morning my parents were complaining about how hot it was last night and how they couldn't sleep while I had a brilliant sleep. But here's the important question. Is it worth it? For a $85 mini-conditioner, I don't think it is worth the price. You can find plenty of other brand on eBay that sell it for around $25. It is actually very simple on how it works. It is technically just a fan with a sponge in front of it that soaks the water. The thing about the cheap ones are that I am not sure if you are able to adjust the speed. If it is a very low quality fan it could be very loud. In conclusion, I would say this is a very good product that isn't really worth it's price.

My rating: 6/10

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