• Sam

Review: Google Home Hub

Updated: Mar 7

The google home hub is technically a miniature tablet with google assistant. I use it everyday since I bought it. It's 10 inch display is more then enough for most uses on it. I personally use it to display my photos and my reminders. There are many features on it. You can use it to watch YouTube, listen to music, set reminders, use it as alarm, call people, listen to the news and so on. There are just too many features on it. Since I put it in my bedroom and use it as my alarm, my favorite feature is using a song as my alarm. You can choose any song as a alarm by simply saying: "Hey Google, set alarm at 7:30am that plays Attention by Charlie Puth." Don't even worry about the bright display at night. It's got light sensors that could detect how bright your room is. At night it will make it super dim and it will just display the time. To stop the alarm when it goes off you can simply just say "Stop". Now lets talk about the sound quality. It's got a pretty decent speaker to it. It would be good for listening to music, but remember you can always connect a Bluetooth speaker to it to make the sound quality even better. The only thing bad about it is that it dosen't have any cameras on it. You won't be able to Facecall people on it like the Alexa Echo Dot but you will be able to make basic calls on google duo.

Price: $199 AUD

My rating: 8/10

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