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Review: Is Anet A8 a good beginner friendly 3D printer?

Updated: Mar 7

A couple months ago I wanted to get started in 3D printing. I had no clue on how to use or build one at all. I had absolutely no knowledge about 3D printing. So I wanted to get a cheap 3D printer. I heard from different YouTube videos that this printer is good and cheap, so I bought it the Anet A8.

When it first arrived I was so excited. It took me a whole night to build the 3D printer. I searched up the instructions on YouTube instead since the one it comes with isn't too detailed. After building it I decided to do a test print with the little bit of filament it came with. It wasn't too successful. There were a lot of gaps in between the print. I figured out that my nozzle wasn't extruding correctly. After trying to fix it I still didn't get it to work. So I did more research on what the problem was. I didn't really find a solution so I bought the fake E3D V6-J Head hotend because it had some pretty good reviews for it. Then I tried to print something again. This time the problem wasn't gaps in between the print. There was too much filament. I readjusted my Cura settings and my nozzle height. It wasn't over extruding now but the print doesn't really look like what I expected. I did more further research and figured out that my belts weren't tight enough. After fixing it I finally got the end product I was looking for. Then a couple weeks of using it, another problem came up. Every time I wanted to heat up my nozzle, the whole 3D printer would restart. After some research, I figured out that it was the problem with my fuse. I bought a new one and my printer was working fine until now. Hopefully there wouldn't be other problems.

So in conclusion, is this a beginner friendly 3D printer? I wouldn't say so. If you are a beginner, I would highly recommend you buy a pre-built 3D printer or have at least good experience with engineering. It was a pain in the ass trying to fix this printer. It took me a couple of weeks just to get this printer working completely fine. At the end of the day, I would give this printer a rating of 6/10.

Here are the things you should consider upgrading if you are going to get this printer:

- Power Supply

- Mosfet (Additional)

- Fuse (For backup)

- New version of the motherboard (Only if you bought the old one)

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