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Rust, and how to play it

Updated: Mar 17

When I say 'Rust,' most people think about the stuff that grows on metals, but it's also the name to the PC game with over 5 million users. The game 'Rust' was created by facepunch studios, scoring a 9/10 on Steam, the largest digital distributor with 40 million users, and selling over 50% of all online games. But this game can only be played in multiplayer, so other players will always be on your map

Now, what is Rust, it's a solo or co-op game that is set on an island, with collectible resources laying all around the map, as well as being structures pre-set and player made. Once you finally spawn into a world, you will start on a beach anywhere on the map with nothing but a torch and a stone in your hand, with that stone you can mine stone, metal, sulfur, and wood, but metal and sulfur arent need straight away. You can collect wood by hitting trees and once you hit a tree a red cross will appear if you hit this extra wood will be given,penis and trees are faster cut down, the same concept with stone but no cross just a light easily seen but, only specific rocks can be mined. If you press q a crafting tab will come up, but not everything is on that list, only certain items, others need to be researched with a researching table and metal scrap, players can craft weapons and other things what might help you, such as a building plan, hammer, door, lock, and a tool cupboard, I will cover those a bit later. The pre-made structures or areas can be lighthouses, oil rigs, airfields, and other types of places. Places like these can be home to large amounts of loot, but be careful you only have so many slots in your inventory.

Player-made structures can be found everywhere except the ocean, the way these player-made structures are built is with a building plan which you can craft with 100 wood, remember you need to craft a tool cupboard for 1000 wood beforehand. Once crafted and you find an excellent spot to build you pick out your building plan then hold right click on the mouse and find foundation or triangle foundation, then place down the floor of you base, I suggest making a small first base, otherwise, you won't be able to upgrade everything, once you set out your layout hold right click and find walls build walls everywhere except one place you will need a doorway for that, then craft your self a door and a lock, build a doorway and site down you door on that doorway, then equipt the lock and place it on the door, finally find roof/floor on the building plan and place them over your roof, once you have finished that craft a hammer and collect more stone or wood, then go up to every part in your base and hold right-click find the material you want it to be then once your finished, place down your tool cupboard in a corner in the base or somewhere that will be accessible in your base then press 'e' to authorize you self on the Tool cupboard/TC, after that you will have somthing called building privilages, this mean that only you or other people that authorise themself on your TC can build in that area, then open the TC and depending on how you made your base you will need to put resources in you TC unless your base will slowy decay all parts in you priveliged area, the amount of the resouces required to keep your base up will say on the TC inventory.

Other players will try to kill you or raid your base with explosives or other destructive weapons, to get all your loot inside, so boxes can be crafted to keep your items safe, and if you want to to be extra safe, you can place locks or keypads on your TC and crates so people can't open them or you can do the opposite you can kill them and raid them. But you will need good weapons or guns to do that, so ill show you where to get weapons, a popular technique to get good guns if you're a good shot then 'snowball' this technique is when the player uses a low-level weapon to kill someone with better weapons or loot, then continue onwards maybe onto a gun, or just farm, go to marked places on the map collect loot from there craft armor and weapons, then deposit all you items then do it again.

Some of the things that make Rust so fun and addictive, is the PvP experience, even though it's through a screen you still feel the adrenaline kick in especially when you are versing someone with a gun. Or some others it might be the feeling of getting good loot or building a great base and wanting to one to raid it. facepunch studios have balanced out the servers with creating wipes that can be every week two weeks or maybe a whole month, either one if gives you a fresh start to the same server but new everything but same blueprints, until every first Thursday of each month when a game wipe happens and all blueprints are wiped as well

Once you have advanced far enough you can upgrade you base by adding a second story are expanding it outwards, or maybe just upgrading the material, but with expansion comes greater looks and greater looks attract people to raid it, so that is why there are turrets in the game, there a three types of turrets an automatic, shotgun and a flamethrower.

Thank you for reading and this is how to play rust

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